Historic Streetcars in Georgia
Fulton Co Plant Car Barn
Interior of the Fulton County Plant Car Barn
Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, c.1918
Source: Vanishing Georgia

The brief reign of the streetcar during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries left an indelible footprint on Atlanta's urban landscape, which historians, archaeologists, and others interested in the transportation era can still observe. Angled or curved street corners, remnants of tracks and cuts, parallel cracks in street pavement indicative of buried rail, car barns, substations, and the development of "streetcar suburbs" are some of the physical clues that mark the locations of historic streetcar lines.

This site provides an historic overview and mapping of the three major periods in which Atlanta's historic streetcar systems were established, grew to prominence, and were replaced with electric trackless trolleys, motorbuses, and automobiles. The maps included on each page identify the routes of the different streetcar systems and dates of operation. The Cultural Resources Toolkit page provides identification and evaluation tools along with three case studies for preservation professionals who may encounter streetcar-related resources. Some of this information may also be used by those wanting to gain a better understanding of the urban landscape where they live, work, or visit. Reference sources and avenues for additional study may be found on the Further Research page.