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History of the Spier House

The historic European-American ownership of the Spier House property began in 1821 with the Georgia Land Lottery.  William W. Austin from Oglethorpe County drew the winning ticket for Land Lot 36 in the 9th District in what was then Fayette County.  He was officially granted the land parcel in 1826.  According to historical records and architectural historical analysis of the Spier House, no one resided on the property until about 1851.  That year, Allison Spier purchased the land. On it he built a grand house for his family, now known as the Spier House. 

After Spier, many owners lived in the house and worked the surrounding farmland.  The property was rented out from at least the 1930s through the 1960s.  Fire destroyed the Spier House some time between 1974 and the early 1980s.  There are periods when the property ownership was not recorded in deed books.  However, most of the owners’ and residents’ names and their dates of ownership and occupation are shown in the table below:

Names of Owners/Residents Dates of Ownership/Occupation
William W. Austin 1826-?
James Westbrook     ? -1851
Allison Spier 1851-1865
Benjamin S. Roan 1865-?
Benjamin H. Roan       ?-1877
Allen W. Turner 1877-1878
John Lester 1878-1902
John E. Edmonson 1902-1903
W. T. Roberts 1903-1906
John E. Edmonson 1906-1908
W. T. Roberts 1908-1910
John E. Edmonson 1910-1918
R. O. Miller 1918-1921
Mary J. Luck 1921-?
Claude Thomas and family (renters) Late 1930s-Mid-1940s
Sally Kaplan      ? -1985
Crix Investments 1985-1985
M. D. Hodges 1985-


Click here to see the house as it may have looked in 1860.

Click here to see the house as it may have looked in 1930.